There is no fixed amount of the order. You can order at least one box or half box, the necessary information and the amount is on the product when you add to the basket.

No, we do not sell shoes at retail. Our partners and retail boutiques are engaged in this, you too can become our partner and order kids shoes in large batches.

We add size grid for each model to a detailed product page.

Sum of delivery can be different, depending on the choice of the carrier and the city where to send, prices are determined by them, not by us.

The most common mistake is "You are already registered on the website".

Our site, remembered you at the first of the order and attached it to your account, to ensure the integrity of your data and not lose the order history, so the site asks you to enter your personal account.

To make an order you need to log in and continue order, the entrance is carried out on the right in the top corner of the site: